Educational Facility Security

Educational Facility Security from PCI Security: Schools must always be a safe place for students and staff members with PCI’s School Security Officers (SSO’s).

No school should go without having a Specialized trained school security Officer on site actively moving throughout the school and knowing every square inch of that building and beyond. Fights happen, but to what extent these days? Many situations occur such as bullying which we now know could lead to a fatality, unauthorized persons on property (Drugs and Guns), auto theft or break ins, these all have the potential to turn deadly without any time for “reactionary” trained Law Enforcement or private Security. Having properly trained armed or (Tactically armed) school security Officers (SSO’s) onsite benefits everyone and makes life after easier when these emergencies are prevented verses handled after the fact as we still see on the news today.

We are on the scene as a proactive force not a reactionary response crucial minutes to hours away. There is also the issue of training and to what level other companies “claim” they do on paper. Not like PCI seeing our live training of Officers based on their duties they were hand selected to perform, guarantees the training is in fact happening verses what stacks of paper states as most companies do. When your children’s lives are at stake don’t leave any doubt. We have found that many times security guards are sent to schools with little or no training on how to deal with real life or death scenarios or their preventive measures.

We are also seeing now many are accused of excessive force just because they are not properly trained School Security OFFICERS. The PCI big difference starts on his or her background all the way past their initial categorizing and testing phase just to join PCI, never mind passing the training and selection process for a basic recruit. In one situation in Palmdale California a school security “guard” was said to have broken a girl’s wrist when trying to detain her while she was celebrating with a cake during lunch period. The parents of the girl are suing the school district for the security “guards” mistake. Make sure to hire the right professionals for the job, PCI armed or Tactically armed School Security “Officers” (SSO’s).