Residential Security

Residential Security from PCI Security

Residential Security by PCI Security prides itself on cleaning and maintaining communities just like you would envision someone tending an out of control garden. First we come in and clean the large security problems and let it be known PCI Security has arrived on property, the influx of issues go to neighboring properties 10 fold it’s a proven fact. Police stats match PCI Security to show the amount of home break-ins alone drop to 0 and the bordering communities increased to over 150%.

As you can tell, PCI Security specialize in residential communities who need our quick residential security reaction techniques to either stop the current news making crimes or costly lawsuits coming. We look after the liability of the residential property first and foremost in setting up an individual plan of action to combat the issues you are currently having and one that keeps them from reoccurring. Then we proactively maintain your residential community in many ways not just our ways of manipulating small budgets to look like we are 24/7 by having constant changing schedules.

Matching your residential community with neighboring communities’ budgets: will double both budgets hours of coverage and so on for each community that joins the patrol schedule. This is for residential communities with little to no budgets for the new crime wave that just hit them, from years of little to no crime.