Security Training

Confrontational Behavior Resolution

Confrontational Behavior Training from PCI Security

The class teaches participants to recognize the stages that a person goes through during a stressful and/or confrontational situation.

It gives practical suggestions on dealing with individuals at each stage in order to keep potential confrontational (verbal and/or physical) behavior from escalating.

This course also offers practical release, escape and self defense techniques to help ensure individual safety in such situations.

Bomb Threat Response

A practical review of bombs, bomb threats and a recommended response.

During this class you will also receive tips on analyzing threat situations as well as suggestions on search procedures.

This class also covers suspicious mail/package threats and how to recognize suspicious mail threats, practical methods for ensuring safety and containment of suspicious substances and provides a good brief on anthrax and ricin.

Bomb Threat Response Training from PCI Security

Terrorism, Awareness & Response

Terrorism Awareness & Response Training from PCI Security

This course offers a good review of terrorism both international and domestic as well as current trends and practices used by terrorist.

This course offers practical tips on decreasing your chances of becoming a target, individually and as a company.

Workplace Violence

This class offers a good overview of the types of, causes of, warning signs and trigger events as well as practical proactive response to workplace violence.

Workplace Violence Awareness Training from PCI Security

Personal Safety & Practical Self-Defense

Personal Safety & Practical Self-Defense Training from PCI Security

This course is designed to help women of all ages and physical ability to develop a mindset and ability to defend themselves in a physical confrontation.

Course components are “Prevention Psychology”, “Principals of Avoidance” and physical techniques to use should all else fail.

The full course consist of 8 hours of classroom and physical training but lectures covering certain principals can be conducted on a time-available basis and can be conducted at a Training Facility or at a client’s location of choice.

This course is for women only!